More About Naturally Contains A2 Protein

Dairy Farmers has been bringing quality milk to Australian families for over 100 years.

Our research showed us that over three quarters of consumers we surveyed are interested in knowing more about the nutrients in the foods they buy. When it comes to milk, only 23% are aware of the types of protein in milk that are present in their milk, yet the majority would like to know if the milk they are buying contains A2 protein.*

A1 and A2 protein are both high quality milk proteins that are found naturally in milk. We want all Australians to be confident in enjoying milk every day, with transparent information about its natural protein content that takes away the noise and confusion.

That’s why we’ve developed a specialised testing method to verify the A1 and A2 protein composition of our milk. Thanks to this new test, we can now let New South Wales' consumers know that Dairy Farmers milk naturally contains A2 protein, as well as A1 Protein. Of those milk proteins, our tests to date confirm that 50-70% is A2.

You will see this Dairy Farmers packaging on shelf in New South Wales for Original, Skim, Light, and New bottles from Thursday 10th July 2014.

*Pure Profile omnibus survey of 1004 adult grocery buyers